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Handpicked Los Angeles Philosophy

We specialize in on trend re-purposed 
vintage clothing and uber trendy new clothing inspired by the LA lifestyle! We source, create and sell things that last for the forward & fearless fashionista.

Our gems are selected for their stand out quality and supreme uniqueness.…Where quality and individuality are never compromised and style is everything.



(Fast) Fashion today:


Too fast.



  In the last 5 years textile waste in landfills has risen from 7% to 30%!


Simply...there is an over-abundance of clothing. Fast fashion companies are making clothing so quickly at such low price points that the clothing is easily attainable. 


 Where does it all go?

After girls wear that $14.99 dress out,  that by the way 2 other girls were wearing, they throw it in the back of their closet and never look at it again…

...until they clean out their closet 3 years later and decide to throw it out. Hopefully, they decide to take it to a near by charitable thrift store so then it can be recycled and reused.

However... a majority of women do not do this.

They trash these old items, which end up building up and eventually make up 2/3 of textile waste in our landfills. 


 Why Handpicked Los Angeles?

 Because we are environmentally fashion conscious, we focus on reviving items found in thrift stores, estate sales, rummage sales, clothes swapping parties, antique stores and more to help decrease the amount of clothing dumped at a landfill. 

All items sold are handpicked from women’s closets, estate sales, and charitable thrift stores. Your individuality and style can’t afford to wear something from a store that sells 20 of an item. Our pieces are one-off items that only come in one size. There just isn’t anything else like it... the reason we handpicked it.


Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.