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Top 5 2017 Fashion Musts

Posted: Jan 13 2017

With 2017 here, every fashionista wants to be ahead of the game when it comes to looking lavish. Being a starving college student doesn't help that I want to purchase everything I lay my eyes on. So with this being said, I wanted to share my top 5 fashion musts for 2017.

1) Switch Up Your Wardrobe

Exchanging old trends for new trends is essential if you want to stay on top of your game this 2017. Dedicate a day to organize your closet and make a pile of clothing to donate and another pile dedicated to selling. When you recycle your clothing, it helps our ecosystem and those less fortunate. If a piece of clothing still has some life left in it, look into selling it on your social media or apps dedicated to reselling clothing.

2) Style New Pieces

Everybody wants to stay on trend, but many don't know how to style exotic pieces. Stripes and prints are all the rage coming into 2017, yet I haven't seen a single person rock the look right. I personally love to wear horizontal striped pants with a top that features vertical stripes. The odd combo seems like an overkill of stripes but is definitely a look. When it comes to printed fabric, match textiles that have a cohesive colorway. 

3) Say 'YES' In Moderation

After exchanging your old trends for new, be sure to be picky when it comes to shopping. It's not about how many clothes you have, it's more about how you wear the looks. Say yes to unique pieces that your peers won't have.


If you can't find what you want in stores or online, make it! Doing simple DIY's always will catch the attention of your peers and get them asking "where did you get that?". Since I am a fashion designer, I stress self-customizing clothing to all my clients because who wouldn't want to have a one-of-a-kind piece? Stay tuned for Handpicked LA DIY classes coming this February. 

5) Minimizing

To elaborate on the third point, make sure you have the essential classic pieces in your wardrobe. This doesn't just apply to your closet, look into minimizing your storage, the irrelevant individuals in your life, and negative energy to help you enter 2017 with the right mindset.


Hello! My name is Anita Ortiz or best known as @yungnit on social media. I have a passion for buying/making/selling/reconstructing vintage clothing, and unique nonvintage pieces. I've been doing this since I've been in elementary school.

I'm a woman of many talents & can do pretty much anything crafty (paint, draw, sew, embroider, hand-embroider, crochet, knit, nail art, make friendship bracelets, you name it & I can do it). Over a year ago, I actually began to sell my clothing on this app called Depop & I've found there are more people in the community who have a love for vintage/selling clothing just like myself. I actually hosted a Depop Popup shop in November, it featured 6 other local Depop sellers and it was a success (I plan on hosting more at Wichita State University soon).

Besides my side hustle on Depop, I work at Handpicked LA on Douglas and Washington in downtown Wichita. I style local girls and design custom pieces for Handpicked LA & clients. We strive to grow the fashion community within Wichita. I will be instructing DIY classes here soon so stay tuned to attend a class.

Besides doing what I love for a living, I attend Wichita State University and plan on majoring in International Business & minoring in Accounting. At WSU I'm working on starting a student organized Fashion Club, it is currently going through student government (I've been patiently waiting for it to be approved forever). My life is filled with creativity, positivity, and dedication to my career in fashion.




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