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Posted: Sep 18 2016



Every year the fall season comes around, denim is always a staple piece on the runway. Although, each year, the denim trend has a different spin on it.

Last year was definitely over-distressed denim jeans, jackets ect. This year, you can expect to see hand painted, oversized denim jackets, and patchwork denim. Patchwork is huge this fall and not just on denim; purses, shirts, pants, jeans, everything.

This is a great way to update last years denim in your closet by doing some simple DIYs, Making it more unique to you by being able to paint whatever word, phrase or picture you want. If you’re not the creative type though, next time you’re searching for a staple denim piece in your closet for this fall, look out for hand painted and patchwork and you’ll be sure to be strutting the streets like a runway.


Another fall 2016 fashion trend is statement faux fur. I don’t know about you but faux fur has always been a go-to for me. It takes any plain and simple t-shirt and jeans outfit to the next level adding a luxurious feel to the ensemble.

Pop on some pointed toe heels and you’re ready to go. This year the fur trend is taking a step further and being even more “extra”. Bright colored, printed, and over-the-top fur jackets will be everywhere.

This is another opportunity to DIY last years pieces in your closet, take that old plain faux fur coat or vest and splash some color on it using paint or soaking it in pink, blue, green or yellow dye! The more outrageous, the better!


Yup, you read that right, trench coats are STILL in for 2016. This year they’re hotter than ever and “in” in so many ways. Long, colorful, plaid trench coats stormed the new york fashion week along with the original tan and simple ones (tan everything is in too).

Trench coats are a personal favorite of mine. It’s the perfect way to stay warm while adding that extreme "chic" touch to any trendy outfit. I first fell in love with trench coats when I saw Blair Waldorf sporting them in the TV show Gossip Girl. It adds such a classy feel while still looking effortlessly sexy.

So before you throw out your trench coats that you think just have to be out of trend this year, stop! They’re not going anywhere girl.


"Hello, fashionistas! My name is Lucy Anderson, I am a 16-year-old junior at Andover High School and an absolute lover of all things fashion!I love to design clothing, write about it, model it and style it! I'm so thrilled to be working with HPLA to be writing various fashion/lifestyle blogs for you all. In the near future, you will also be able to purchase vintage and thrifted pieces that I have revamped into current fashion-forward essentials for your closet at the boutique.Along with writing and creating pieces, you might also see my face in various pictures among the HPLA website, modeling all the gorgeous clothing for you soon.I'm so enthralled to be working Handpicked Los Angeles, certainly a one of a kind boutique that I couldn't be more thankful to for giving me the opportunity to exercise my talents with. Here's to making everywhere you go, a runway!"


-Lucy Anderson, HPLA GIRL


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